A Simple Herstory: Audio as Theater (ft. Jocelyn Kuritsky)

A Simple Herstory:  Audio as Theater (ft. Jocelyn Kuritsky)
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A Simple Herstory: Audio as Theater (ft. Jocelyn Kuritsky)

Jan 24 2022 | 00:45:08

Episode 0 January 24, 2022 00:45:08

Show Notes

Here’s a common story. The 2020 pandemic come along and it seriously altered someone’s plans. Here’s a less common story. A theater actor and producer can’t put on live shows any longer so she teams up with a playwright to create a one of a kind podcast experience. Well, that’s exactly what Jocelyn Kuritsky did. The result? A Simple Herstory

A Simple Herstory is described as a “a theatrical and high concept podcast series about the women who have run for President of the United States.” And it is quite theatrical indeed. 23 different actors (all women, by the way) connected via clean feed to create this comedy infused piece of audio drama based on real events.

Jocelyn produced the podcast through her company, The Muse Project and for this episode of 3 Clips, she joined Evo to discuss what it’s like to bring in an existing creative skillset into a different medium.


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Inside the Episode

A Simple Herstory can be found at their website, asimplehersotry.com or anywhere you get podcasts

You can learn more about Jocelyn’s work at her website, jocelynkuritsky.com

This episode was produced by Stuart Barefoot @smallleaguestu

Music was created by Tyler Litwin

About the Host 

Evo Terra has the dubious honor of releasing the 40th podcast… ever. Other notable podcasting elements from his past include authoring Podcasting For Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, launching and running one of the first large podcast networks, building a successful strategic podcast consultancy, and is a celebrated keynote speaker on stages around the world. He’s also done a bunch of really, really weird stuff that Google still shows.

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