Dirt Cheap: Serious Goofballs (ft. Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden)

Dirt Cheap:  Serious Goofballs (ft. Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Dirt Cheap: Serious Goofballs (ft. Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden)
Episode February 21, 2022 00:41:56

Show Notes

It’s almost a meme at this point. A group of friends sitting around riffing say “this should be a podcast!.” Often those podcasts don’t work because they lack structure and a clear direction.

Dirt Cheap is NOT one of those podcasts. It’s funny, edgy and off the cuff but still manages to keep a basic structure that makes for an easy, entertaining listen. Husband and wife duo, Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden teamed up with production studio Neon Hum to bring us this unique podcast. The premise is actually pretty simple. Geoffrey reads from a dime store novel called “Murder in the Glass Room” a baffling noir novel from the 1940’s, while Amanda reacts in real time (with plenty of commentary and bantering between the two hosts.) The result is a 22 episode story arc that will leave you laughing.

The pair chat with Evo about the importance of structure within a show, how they take they goofiness seriously, and in general, their creative process for making Dirt Cheap.


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Inside the Episode

You can listen to all episodes of Dirt Cheap on Neon Hum’s website

You can follow Amanda Meadows on twitter @amandonium

To learn more about Geoffrey, check out his website

This episode was produced and edited by Stuart Barefoot @smallleaguestu

Music is by Tyler Litwin

About the Host 

Evo Terra has the dubious honor of releasing the 40th podcast… ever. Other notable podcasting elements from his past include authoring Podcasting For Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, launching and running one of the first large podcast networks, building a successful strategic podcast consultancy, and is a celebrated keynote speaker on stages around the world. He’s also done a bunch of really, really weird stuff that Google still shows.

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