Midseason Review: Extra Clips

Midseason Review:  Extra Clips
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Midseason Review: Extra Clips
Episode February 14, 2022 00:27:52

Show Notes

We’re a tad past the halfway point of season 2 so we figured it would be a good time to press pause and review three clips from episodes we featured on season 2…but not clips that were played on 3 Clips.

Evo and producer Stuart review three clips from Nice Try!, Bellwether and How to Start a War.


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Inside the Episode

The three shows we pulled from clips from are

Nice Try!


How to Start a War

This episode was produced and edited by Stuart Barefoot @smallleaguestu

About the Host 

Evo Terra has the dubious honor of releasing the 40th podcast… ever. Other notable podcasting elements from his past include authoring Podcasting For Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, launching and running one of the first large podcast networks, building a successful strategic podcast consultancy, and is a celebrated keynote speaker on stages around the world. He’s also done a bunch of really, really weird stuff that Google still shows.

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September 20, 2021

Wireframe: Fonts as People (ft. Khoi Vinh and Dominic Girard)

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TED's Far Flung: Making Something Nutritious AND Delicious (ft. Saleem Reshamwala)

We also hear about the collaborative ethos of creating Far Flung, what exactly all the many people on a big production like this do, Saleem’s experience working on a TED production, and what Saleem means when he says about his work in general is that he’s creating Sesame Street for adults. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER FOR CREATORSEvery week in Playing Favorites, 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo shares a new idea or story all about making things that make a difference. If you’re tired of all the tips, tricks, cheats, and hacks, and you just want to make more resonant things, join thousands of your peers who get Jay’s note every week, plus exclusive access and discounts to other projects:Subscribe: https://jayacunzo.com/newsletterPODCAST COURSE: GROWABLE SHOWSJay’s on-demand course deconstructs dozens of real-world show examples and offers 10 original videos plus a guided system for developing your ideas to be more deeply resonant, refreshingly original, and worthy of your audience’s subscription.Don’t just make Yet Another podcast. Make the podcast that only you can make.https://jayacunzo.com/growable-showsINSIDE THIS EPISODE: Far Flung can be found here: https://www.ted.com/podcasts/far_flung_with_saleem_reshamwalaFollow Saleem Reshamwala on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/kidethnicFrom Play It Forward: This week’s recommended podcast is The Philosopher’s Zone: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/philosopherszone/Follow 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/jayacunzo/You can find all episodes of 3 Clips wherever you listen to podcasts, or by browsing the show’s home page at https://jayacunzo.com/3-clipsTHANKS TO OUR SPONSOR: WISTIAWistia makes tools to help makers and marketers serve their audiences more deeply and creatively through their podcasts and videos. ...



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January 18, 2021

In Those Genes: Using Story and Sound to Make Complexity Delightful (ft. Janina Jeff and Sam Riddell)

If there was a podcasting cookbook, you could imagine a variety of chapters: shows about culture, science shows, comedy podcasts, etc. For example, for a culture show "recipe," you might take one host, add two commentators, sprinkle in a bunch of sound bites from the media, and add a generous helping of music. But the podcast we’re featuring in this episode has a recipe you won’t find in any cookbook: mixing science, culture, music, history and comedy in one delicious dish. In Those Genes is an award-winning show “that uses genetics to decode the lost histories of African descendants through the lens of Black culture.” It’s the brainchild of Janina Jeff, a geneticist and public speaker whose pitch was selected out of 18,000 (!!) for Spotify’s Sound Up Bootcamp. Also joining us is Sam Riddell, an independent media producer in charge of coaching Janina and spicing up the audio with music, movie clips, sound effects and more. You’ll hear how Janina and Sam make the complex simple, tackle sensitive topics around race and racism, and have a whole lot of fun on the way. SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER: Every week in Playing Favorites, Jay Acunzo shares a new idea or story exclusive to subscribers about making things that make a difference. Our one goal is to make the audience’s favorite things -- so what does that take, anyway? Subscribe at marketingshowrunners.com/subscribe/ON-DEMAND COURSE -- GROWABLE SHOWSJay’s new course is now available. Learn to craft the most important piece of your show: the premise, the big idea driving everything you do inside and around your show. This is the #1 reason shows fail -- the ...