REPLAY: Have You Heard George’s Podcast? A Masterclass in Powerful Writing

REPLAY: Have You Heard George’s Podcast? A Masterclass in Powerful Writing
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
REPLAY: Have You Heard George’s Podcast? A Masterclass in Powerful Writing
Episode June 21, 2021 00:37:26

Show Notes

When you host a podcast, your voice becomes a creative tool. Perhaps for the first time, you’re challenged to think about your words as something you wield, something you can strategically deploy to create meaning and inspire action in others. Your voice is just like any other medium (text, imagery, video, or audio). You can learn how to use it better. That may seem like a new idea. But here’s something that isn’t new to any of us:


Writing is the engine that drives your voice, the direction you’re giving to yourself, and the shape you give to your thoughts. You know how to write, which means you know how to use your voice as a more powerful creative tool. Few hosts on the planet are better at this than George the Poet, the spoken word artist and former rapper who now hosts Have You Heard George’s Podcast? 

In this episode of 3 Clips, host Jay Acunzo breaks down the subtle but powerful pieces of George’s performance (in the first-ever episode of HYHGP) — and we find several ways of using our own writing better to then use our own voices better.


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