The State of Podcast Tech with Justin Jackson (Transistor)

The State of Podcast Tech with Justin Jackson (Transistor)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
The State of Podcast Tech with Justin Jackson (Transistor)
Episode February 03, 2020 00:45:14

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June 21, 2021

REPLAY: Have You Heard George’s Podcast? A Masterclass in Powerful Writing

When you host a podcast, your voice becomes a creative tool. Perhaps for the first time, you’re challenged to think about your words as something you wield, something you can strategically deploy to create meaning and inspire action in others. Your voice is just like any other medium (text, imagery, video, or audio). You can learn how to use it better. That may seem like a new idea. But here’s something that isn’t new to any of us: Writing. Writing is the engine that drives your voice, the direction you’re giving to yourself, and the shape you give to your thoughts. You know how to write, which means you know how to use your voice as a more powerful creative tool. Few hosts on the planet are better at this than George the Poet, the spoken word artist and former rapper who now hosts Have You Heard George’s Podcast?  In this episode of 3 Clips, host Jay Acunzo breaks down the subtle but powerful pieces of George’s performance (in the first-ever episode of HYHGP) — and we find several ways of using our own writing better to then use our own voices better. EXPLORE THE SHOW Visit for all episodes of the show.  LEARN MORE ABOUT JAY Subscribe to his newsletter, explore his course for podcasters, or watch and listen to all of Jay’s shows and projects at  LEARN MORE ABOUT CASTOS 3 Clips is a Castos Original Series. Castos provides tools for public and private podcasts and believes podcasters should own their turf to provide the best possible audience experience. Visit  INSIDE THIS EPISODE Have You Heard George’s Podcast? can be found here: Clips played in this episode can be found on the episode of the ...



March 07, 2022

Darknet Diaries: Making the Technical Palpable (ft. Jack Rhysider)

Cyber crime, hacking and the dark side of the internet. In many ways, Darknet Diaries seems like a scary podcast and at times it can be. But it’s not scary in the sense that you need a lot of technical knowledge to enjoy it. That’s because Jack Rhysider is a brilliant storyteller. He takes really complicated subjects like hacking and makes them palpable. So if you don’t know anything about the Darknet, don’t worry. Jack is the perfect guide for a world that might seem foreign for many of us. LEARN MORE ABOUT CASTOS 3 Clips is a Castos Original Series. Castos provides tools for public and private podcasts and believes podcasters should own their turf to provide the best possible audience experience. Visit  Inside This Episode You can listen to all previous episodes of Darknet Diaries on their website The episode featured is 109: Team Poison Follow Jack Rhysider on Twitter @JackRhysider This episode was produced and edited by Stuart Barefoot @smallleaguestu About the Host Evo Terra has the dubious honor of releasing the 40th podcast… ever. Other notable podcasting elements from his past include authoring Podcasting For Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, launching and running one of the first large podcast networks, building a successful strategic podcast consultancy, and is a celebrated keynote speaker on stages around the world. He’s also done a bunch of really, really weird stuff that Google still shows. ...



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January 25, 2021

Listener Mailbag: Creating Growable Shows

In this episode, Jay and Cherie get into it with seven questions from you! They talk about everything from the key role of premise development (you knew we’d go there!), to why slack in your production process is really helpful, to the benefits of hosts playing the role of explorer rather than expert, and more. Do you have a question for Jay? Please post it on his Twitter feed: he’s @JayAcunzo. He’ll definitely answer you there, and we may feature your question in a future Listener Mailbag episode. You can expect them about every other month. Thank you! SUBSCRIBE TO THE NEWSLETTER: Every week in Playing Favorites, Jay Acunzo shares a new idea or story exclusive to subscribers about making things that make a difference. Our one goal is to make the audience’s favorite things -- so what does that take, anyway? Subscribe at COURSE -- GROWABLE SHOWSJay’s new course is now available. Learn to craft the most important piece of your show: the premise, the big idea driving everything you do inside and around your show. This is the #1 reason shows fail -- the ideas are too general, not specific or high-impact enough to support a whole show.Learn how to craft more than a bunch of episodes. Create IP. Make a show that makes a difference.Available whenever you need it: THIS EPISODE: Ask 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo your question on Twitter here: can find all episodes of 3 Clips wherever you listen to podcasts, or by browsing the show’s home page at ...