True Love & Other Noncommunicable Diseases: Making the Personal...Performative! (ft. Brianna Barrett)

True Love & Other Noncommunicable Diseases: Making the Personal...Performative! (ft. Brianna Barrett)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
True Love & Other Noncommunicable Diseases: Making the Personal...Performative! (ft. Brianna Barrett)
Episode November 08, 2021 00:43:07

Show Notes

A camera. A cancer diagnosis. True love. Romantic comedy. Award-winning writer and storyteller Brianna Barrett has performed her show about serious illness and resilience to audiences along the west coast since 2016. Now Brianna reimagines the experience of her one-woman play in audio form, navigating the threads of her life that continue to come together in surprising and unusual ways, even amid a global pandemic.

Welcome to Brianna Barrett’s semi-limited series: True Love & Other Noncommunicable Diseases, a podcast that manages to carve out a sharp narrative niche, elevating “coming of age” by swapping tragedy for comedy, and vice versa, in a heartbreakingly awkward and hilarious study of narrator-versus-performer, and the memory of self.

Inside today’s episode, as timely as ever, Jay and Brianna break down the meta-meta and the nitty gritty of storytelling. What does “better now” mean for a cancer survivor? And what would your ex say if you told them that you had written a play about your past relationship and then performed it on stage for thousands of strangers over the past several years? And by the way. You’re going to read that play aloud to them. Alone. While recording their reaction.

Brianna Barrett is a playwright, storyteller, obscure history buff, and avid tea-lover. Her full-length theatrical work has been developed at Artists Repertory Theater, Theatre33, Fertile Ground Festival, HART Theatre, and UCLA. Her TV work has been developed with Stuber, Farah Films, Hollywood Laundromat and ICM. She’s performed at venues such as Pickathon (yes the music festival!), and now she’s performing in your ears via her debut limited series podcast, True Love & Other Noncommunicable Diseases.


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