Audience Re-Air (When Passion Meets Profession)

Audience Re-Air (When Passion Meets Profession)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Audience Re-Air (When Passion Meets Profession)

Jul 11 2022 | 00:38:47

Episode 0 July 11, 2022 00:38:47

Show Notes

Currently we’re between seasons at 3 Clips. In the meantime let’s listen in on an old episode of Audience.

Newt Schottlekote created their first audio drama in 2017 when they were only 15 years old. That led to the creation of Caldera Studios, a production company where Newt produces their work including their latest series, Where the Stars Fell.

In this episode, Newt and Stuart  discuss the creative process of making a fiction podcast, the need for budgets in audio drama, and strategies for crowdfunding.


Castos and Stripe Integration


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