Bellwether: A Podcast of Speculative Journalism (ft. Sam Greenspan)

Bellwether:  A Podcast of Speculative Journalism (ft. Sam Greenspan)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Bellwether: A Podcast of Speculative Journalism (ft. Sam Greenspan)
Episode February 07, 2022 00:33:15

Show Notes

All podcasts, regardless of their format, are a creative endeavor. But some podcasts are just more complex. Enter, Bellwether, the latest offering from award winning podcast and radio producer, Sam Greenspan.

Sam is the founding producer of 99 Percent Invisible and has a number of impressive credits to their name. The City from USA Today, the TED Radio Hour at NPR and Radiotopia’s Spacebridge to name a few. They’ve also lectured and taught radio and podcasting around the world. In November of 2021, Sam was hired as a Senior Producer at Vice Audio.

So when Bellwether was released, the podcasting world took notice. Bellwether was a five year effort from one of the most brilliant minds in podcasting. This five episode narrative weaves together both real world reporting (stories Sam personally covered) and a fictitious Sci-Fi story arc. Described by Sam as a “new podcast of speculative journalism” Bellwether examines what the world is through the lens of what it might become.


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Inside the Episode

All five episodes of Bellwether can be found online at

Learn more about all the work Sam has done and continues to do at

This episode was produced by Stuart Barefoot @smallleaguestu

Music is by Tyler Litwin

About the Host 

Evo Terra has the dubious honor of releasing the 40th podcast… ever. Other notable podcasting elements from his past include authoring Podcasting For Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, launching and running one of the first large podcast networks, building a successful strategic podcast consultancy, and is a celebrated keynote speaker on stages around the world. He’s also done a bunch of really, really weird stuff that Google still shows.

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