Bonus Episode: What Should Be Planned vs. Improvised, with Robert Rose

Bonus Episode: What Should Be Planned vs. Improvised, with Robert Rose
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Bonus Episode: What Should Be Planned vs. Improvised, with Robert Rose
Episode November 02, 2020 00:59:01

Show Notes

This live call was part of The Showrunner Sessions. This is the 8-week podcast workshop series where we at Marketing Showrunners work with podcasters to transform your skills, your show, and your community, with an aim to making “their favorite podcast.”

Join Jay and Robert in this informative, insightful conversation about strategies to create a great podcast. Robert talks about his process; the importance of planning, structure, and doing your research; and he emphasizes why you should “write it down.”


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These are online, interactive, cohort-based workshops for makers and marketers, all for one aim: Learn how to make a show that makes a difference. In other words, learn how to make someone's FAVORITE show. Level up an existing show, or launch a new one.

Students are marketers, executives, science researchers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, authors, and artists and thinkers of all kinds who connect, do real work on their real shows together, and benefit from the community around them as much as the system we’ve built.


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