REI's Head of Podcasts: How to Develop Creatively Great Shows

REI's Head of Podcasts: How to Develop Creatively Great Shows
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
REI's Head of Podcasts: How to Develop Creatively Great Shows
Episode January 06, 2020 00:33:38

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November 16, 2020

StartUp: How to Create Gripping Moments When Nothing Huge Happens

Today, we’re re-airing one of the most popular episodes from the 3 Clips archives. Jay breaks down what makes Gimlet Media’s StartUp so arresting -- especially during moments when nothing all that gripping ACTUALLY happened.JOIN THE NEWSLETTER: Subscribe to “Playing Favorites,” Jay Acunzo’s weekly email, and get 1 new concept or technique every Friday morning to help you create your audience’s favorite things: CONSIDER THE WORKSHOP: In the Showrunner Sessions, learn how to make a podcast that makes a difference. Join Jay and a group of your peers in this 8-week intensive to develop your ideas and do real work on your real show, tackling the tough, important, and creative challenges you can’t quickly google.We run 1 workshop per quarter. Learn more and sign up for updates and discounts here: THIS EPISODE: StartUp can be found here: StartUp host Alex Blumberg on Twitter here: 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo on Twitter here: can find all episodes of 3 Clips wherever you listen to podcasts, or by browsing the show’s home page at for listening! ...



October 04, 2021

REPLAY: Discovery's Curiosity Daily: How to Consistently Delight Listeners (ft. Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough)

We’re hard at work on new episodes of 3 Clips, so here’s an oldie but a goodie — one of our most popular episodes… We’ve got a dynamic co-hosting duo: welcome Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough of Curiosity Daily. A daily, yes, daily (!), podcast about science, which is part of Discovery. Host Jay Acunzo gets into great topics with Cody and Ashley, starting with, how, just how do they put out a well researched and fact-checked show every single day? This episode also covers topics of performing on the mic, how these two make a co-hosting relationship work, how to communicate science to a general audience, and more.  And to that last topic, being a science communicator to a wide audience, Ashley had a great thought to add after we recorded, so hang out past all the credits and even past the closing theme music to hear what she had to say. It’s worth it! INSIDE THIS EPISODE:  Curiosity Daily can be found here: Follow Curiosity Daily on Twitter here: Follow Ashley Hamer on Twitter here: Follow Cody Gough on Twitter here: From Play It Forward: This week’s recommended podcasts are, from Ashley, Everything is Alive: and from Cody, Citations Needed: Follow 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo on Twitter here: ...



August 02, 2021

The Unmistakable Creative: Be Your Own Best Guide (ft. Srini Rao)

SHOW NOTES:Author, speaker and entrepreneur Srini Rao has interviewed over 1,000 guests on his show, The Unmistakable Creative. Srini has a deep and sustained interest in how people develop and express their creativity. He also understands the power of story, and has become adept at guiding guests to share their own journeys in engaging and memorable ways. Host Jay and Srini get into all of this, as well as discussing why best practices aren’t best for everyone (and finding your own best practices is best). EXPLORE THE SHOW Visit for all episodes of the show.  LEARN MORE ABOUT 3 CLIPS HOST JAY ACUNZO Subscribe to his newsletter, explore his course for podcasters, or watch and listen to all of Jay’s shows and projects at  LEARN MORE ABOUT CASTOS 3 Clips is a Castos Original Series. Castos provides tools for public and private podcasts and believes podcasters should own their turf to provide the best possible audience experience. Visit  INSIDE THIS EPISODE:  The Unmistakable Creative podcast can be found here: Follow Srini Rao on Twitter here: Follow 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo on Twitter here: From Play It Forward: This week’s recommended podcasts are The Intuitionology Podcast Series and the Max Out podcast:, This episode was produced by Cherie Turner: Theme music provided by Cardboard Rocketship: Thanks for listening! ...