Standing Ovation: The Power of a Hook (ft. Jay Baer)

Standing Ovation: The Power of a Hook (ft. Jay Baer)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Standing Ovation: The Power of a Hook (ft. Jay Baer)

Feb 01 2021 | 00:41:41

Episode February 01, 2021 00:41:41

Show Notes

The show we’re discussing with Jay, Standing Ovation, is kind of like 3 Clips, but for public speaking. Each episode, Jay interviews a public speaker and together they break down a favorite story that the guest tells on stage - with clips from those talks.

Jay Baer knows a thing or two about podcasting, both from the three shows he hosts and the shows he’s helped other companies launch through his business, Convince and Convert. On 3 Clips, he shares tips on how to ask guests questions they’ve never been asked before, the importance of signaling key lessons to your audience, and how to distill those lessons from your guest. Plus, a show-stopping impression of a vomiting cat!


Every week in Playing Favorites, Jay Acunzo shares a new idea or story exclusive to subscribers about making things that make a difference. Our one goal is to make the audience’s favorite things -- so what does that take, anyway?

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Jay’s new course is now available. Learn to craft the most important piece of your show: the premise, the big idea driving everything you do inside and around your show. This is the #1 reason shows fail -- the ideas are too general, not specific or high-impact enough to support a whole show.

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