Storybound: Going Against the Norm (ft. Jude Brewer)

Storybound: Going Against the Norm (ft. Jude Brewer)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Storybound: Going Against the Norm (ft. Jude Brewer)
Episode November 29, 2021 00:42:55

Show Notes

Radio theatre is defined as a dramatized performance — no visual, only dialogue and sounds to manifest images in the listeners’ minds, resulting in a uniquely psychological experience. This mode of storytelling began in the 1920s, flourishing by the 1940s, then evolving in the 21st century in the form of podcasts. And while Jude Brewer’s podcast Storybound falls into the category of radio theatre, it doesn’t quite sound like the rest of them.

Inside today’s episode, Jay and Jude discuss the collaboration between voice and music. Over the past four seasons, Storybound listeners have been treated to their favorite authors reading some of their most powerful writing, designed with immersive sound environments and experimental cross-genre music compositions handcrafted and arranged by creator and host Jude Brewer.

Jude is a writer, actor, and musician. He’s also the editor and sound designer for his own show Storybound. Most recently, Jude won First Place in the KCRW Radio Race, for which his piece “BUZZY” received critical acclaim. His weekly newsletter, How Long Must I Belong To This? is currently being developed into a show.


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Music provided by Tyler Littwin

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