Talking Too Loud (and Thinking Deeply About Podcasting, with Chris Savage & Sylvie Lubow)

Talking Too Loud (and Thinking Deeply About Podcasting, with Chris Savage & Sylvie Lubow)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Talking Too Loud (and Thinking Deeply About Podcasting, with Chris Savage & Sylvie Lubow)
Episode January 11, 2021 00:51:50

Show Notes

On this episode of 3 Clips, we learn how Chris and Sylvie worked to remove the barrier between who you are, and who's coming through on the microphone - and techniques to get your guests to do the same. Jay, Sylvie and Chris also discuss following your curiosity as an interviewer and why audio, compared to video, can be liberating.

Wistia (as you may know if you listen to this show often) is a software company focused on video and podcasting marketing, analytics, and audience growth.

Talking Too Loud is a show about entrepreneurship that doesn’t simply have founders stop by to talk about their success stories. Instead, it focuses on the tough problems behind building a business that have no black-and-white answers -- the gray, the nuance, the messiness.


Every week in Playing Favorites, Jay Acunzo shares a new idea or story exclusive to subscribers about making things that make a difference. Our one goal is to make the audience’s favorite things -- so what does that take, anyway?

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