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March 08, 2021

TED's Far Flung: Making Something Nutritious AND Delicious (ft. Saleem Reshamwala)

We also hear about the collaborative ethos of creating Far Flung, what exactly all the many people on a big production like this do,...



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March 01, 2021

Richard's Famous Food Podcast: Subverting Podcasting While Honoring the Art Form

Today, we’re re-airing one of the most popular episodes from the 3 Clips archives. We're back next week with a brand-new guest and podcast...



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February 22, 2021

Discovery's Curiosity Daily: How to Consistently Delight Listeners (ft. Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough)

Host Jay Acunzo gets into great topics with Cody and Ashley, starting with, how, just how do they put out a well researched and...



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February 15, 2021

Smithsonian's Sidedoor: A Look Inside Great Narrative (ft. Lizzie Peabody)

NEWSLETTER ABOUT CREATIVITY AT WORKEvery week in Playing Favorites, 3 Clips host Jay Acunzo shares a new idea or story all about making things...



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February 08, 2021

Morning Brew's Business Casual: How to Interview Famous, Overly-Polished Guests (ft. Kinsey Grant)

In this episode we feature Kinsey Grant, host of the interview podcast Business Casual. It’s part of the business media outlet Morning Brew. Kinsey...



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February 01, 2021

Standing Ovation: The Power of a Hook (ft. Jay Baer)

The show we’re discussing with Jay, Standing Ovation, is kind of like 3 Clips, but for public speaking. Each episode, Jay interviews a public...



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