Flash Forward: Ethically Mixing Fact and Fiction (ft. Rose Eveleth)

Flash Forward: Ethically Mixing Fact and Fiction (ft. Rose Eveleth)
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Flash Forward: Ethically Mixing Fact and Fiction (ft. Rose Eveleth)

Sep 13 2021 | 00:39:11

Episode 0 September 13, 2021 00:39:11

Show Notes

In 2021, we’re blessed to live in a podcast landscape ripe with richly reported nonfiction shows that challenge your way of thinking and expand your world: Reply All, Invisibilia, Far Flung, the list goes on. There is also an expanding slate of fictional podcasts to get lost in. But what if you could have both in one show? 

With Flash Forward, a show about the future, our guest Rose Eveleth inspires imaginations and pushes listeners to think about the world we live in now, and how it could be different. Like other science shows, Rose calls on scientists and other experts to break down complex concepts in an accessible way. But sprinkled throughout each episode are speculative fiction scenes that offer a glimpse of “possible and not so possible futures.” 

In this episode of 3 Clips, Rose and Jay break down a Flash Forward episode about humans’ search for alien life. They discuss how to make scientists sound podcast-worthy, how Rose has carved out her own voice in the science genre, and her fiction writing process. Also, Rose offers insights on how she’s managed to make such a multilayered show as an independent producer. 


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