Appearances: When Fiction Gets Personal (ft. Sharon Mashihi)

Appearances: When Fiction Gets Personal (ft. Sharon Mashihi)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Appearances: When Fiction Gets Personal (ft. Sharon Mashihi)
Episode August 23, 2021 00:41:56

Show Notes

Audio performer, artist, and storyteller Sharon Mashihi discusses her acclaimed 2020 limited series podcast Appearances. This beautifully crafted show blurs the lines between fact and fiction. It follows the story of an Iranian American woman who’s approaching middle age and delving into big life questions about family, relationships, and motherhood.

Jay and Sharon discuss how she crafted this complex and very personal 9-part series over the course of a year. And they touch on how Sharon is still processing the aftermath of creating a show that mined emotional and creative depths.


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