Bonus: Producers: What Do They Do!? (ft. Rebecca Sananes of Pivot)

Bonus: Producers: What Do They Do!? (ft. Rebecca Sananes of Pivot)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Bonus: Producers: What Do They Do!? (ft. Rebecca Sananes of Pivot)
Episode May 24, 2021 00:41:50

Show Notes

For this special episode, Jay invited Rebecca Sananes, lead producer for Pivot, with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway, as well as 3 Clips producer Cherie Turner, to get on the mic and talk about what they do. 

You’ll get an insightful behind-the-scenes look from the people who influence and shape shows—very big and less big—in ways that are not obvious to the outside world (and that’s largely the goal).

Where the hosts are the front-facing personality, the producers help shape the show in ways both large and small, off the mic (mostly). Learn why Rebecca wants people to know that producers are artists and thinks this is the best job in the world—and why Cherie thinks producers get to do all the “fun stuff.” 


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