How to Start a War: Leveraging a Medium (Ft. Michael Trapani.)

How to Start a War:  Leveraging a Medium (Ft. Michael Trapani.)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
How to Start a War: Leveraging a Medium (Ft. Michael Trapani.)
Episode January 10, 2022 00:39:08

Show Notes

It took Michael Trapani six years to make How to Start a War. From meticulous research, immersive sound design, impeccable narration and poignant story writing, Michael masterfully leveraged the audio medium for this series.

How to Start a War is a podcast about WW2. Most of us know how that story ended and that the Nazis lost. But the details of how it started, like the granular details, the conversations, the lies, betrayals…those aren’t as well known.

Michael recreates this story from the point of view from the Nazis (with the clear stipulation that they are on the shortlist for the worst people who ever lived.) Using transcripts he re-enacts conversations. With sound design he creates atmosphere. And with narration, he guides us through a complex story that as it turns out, is quite poignant in our current time.


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Music is by Tyler Littwin

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