Discovery's Curiosity Daily: How to Consistently Delight Listeners (ft. Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough)

Discovery's Curiosity Daily: How to Consistently  Delight Listeners (ft. Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough)
3 Clips Podcast by Castos
Discovery's Curiosity Daily: How to Consistently Delight Listeners (ft. Ashley Hamer and Cody Gough)
Episode February 22, 2021 00:42:16

Show Notes

Host Jay Acunzo gets into great topics with Cody and Ashley, starting with, how, just how do they put out a well researched and fact-checked show every single day? This episode also covers topics of performing on the mic, how these two make a co-hosting relationship work, how to communicate science to a general audience, and more.

And to that last topic, being a science communicator to a wide audience, Ashley had a great thought to add after we recorded, so hang out past all the credits and even past the closing theme music to hear what she had to say. It’s worth it!


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